1 Million YouTube Subs, Luca

Banner by: @HoodieSunG


Video Projects
Art/Message Projects
Worldwide Projects

BOSS! Congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers on Youtube! Many Lucubs have come together and prepared several projects to celebrate this huge accomplishment. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did putting them together!


Over the past year or so, you have touched the lives of over a million of us (and counting!). We look forward to welcoming even more Lucubs into this ever-growing community!


Here's to a million Lucubs and many many more. WE LOVE YOU, BOSS!

Organized by the following Lucacords:

  • EN "Lucult Kaneshiro"
  • CN "Let's Poooog"
  • ID "Luxiem ID Fans"
  • JP “JP LucaPOG server”
  • VT "Lucubs Vietnam"
  • Intl. "Prechat server"
  • Intl. "Lu-Club"