Hello there! Are you Luca Kaneshiro? You've come to the right place! And even if you aren't big boss, welcome! In this website you will find various sorts of gifts waiting to be opened and shared with you. Make sure to carefully look at all of them. Each gift here has been carefully made by our lovely lucubs who collaborated to make each gift special in their own way. I suggest to go see the video section first, especially if you like theme parks, this particular section is definitely a ride you want to be on!

POOOOOOOG! Happy POG Birthday to you, Boss! We wish you, the one and only, Luca Kaneshiro a lovely day. No matter what happens, Lucubs will continue to support you and cheer you on. Your streams brought us all together, make us smile and laugh our hearts out. It's hella pog to be in this community. Here's to many more streams and opportunities for you, Boss! Thank you for working hard and spoiling us, Luca. Let us spoil you in return~! - Lucubscord EN "Lucult Kaneshiro"

Happy 2022 Birthday Boss! We Lucubs shares their love all around the world because of how much the enthusiastic and positive energy you've give us every stream. We will continue to follow foot steps of our mean and evil Mafia boss.POG! - Lucubscord CN "Let's Poooog"

Welcome to the Mafia