HELLO HELLO HELLO! We are here to celebrate our beloved (and terrifyingly mean and evil) mafia boss' birthday once again! Many Lucubs have come together to make some very special gifts, all of which encapsulate all of our precious, fondest memories with our one and only Luca Kaneshiro. So to everyone visiting this site - POG U, enjoy your stay, and let's celebrate Luca's birthday together! POOOOOOG!

A big THANK YOU to all the Lucubs who have contributed their time and effort in making our mafia boss' special day extra-extra special!

Also, to our one and only Luca Kaneshiro:
Thank you for being such a wonderful presence in our lives. Our deepest wish is that on this day, we have given you many reasons to smile because, to all of us as a community and a family, you have given us so much more. Whether it be in your streams, your tweets, your collabs, or even the few meet-and-greet sessions with you, you have given us courage, joy, laughter and inspired many of us to keep doing our best. We love you and appreciate you, and today, we celebrate YOU. Happy LucaPOGDay2023! Here's to a wonderful birthday and many more beautiful memories with you. POG U!
- Lucacord/Lucubscord EN "Lucult Kaneshiro"

Happy POG 2023 Day! Can't believe it has been a year already! We've enjoyed so much of what have you brought to us Boss and we will always continue the Lucub's support to our great mafia family. Thank you so much of bringing us together and wish your a happy POOOOGbirthday this year too!!!
- Lucubscord CN "Let's Poooog"

Happy LucaPOGDay2023!! I got a lot of energy, smiles, and motivation from you. stream, songs, and events have received your energy and inspired many Lucubs in Japan. Thank you for giving us so much! We celebrate this wonderful day with love and gratitude for you. Wishing you a happy and POG birthday this year!
-Lucubscord JP “JP LucaPOG server”

Happy birthday, Boss! We're so happy to meet you! You always brighten our days and inspire us all. We are so happy to see you smiling and being as funny as ever. We wish you could archive all of your birthday wishes and get whatever you want. We wish you a lot of happiness. Whatever of what you choose to do, we will always be there to support you. Keep pogging and shining!! Happy birthday to OUR POGGEST CHAMP, Luca Kaneshiro ”
-Lucubscord TH “LUCUBS POG TH”

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