Want to be a secretary for some good looking people? Look no further, in this game you get be a secretary for not only one person but two! And as a secretary you are to help plan events, manage their schedules and even do some cake testing! Oh and there is another twist but you will have to play the game to find out. We got plenty of things for you to do and I'm sure you will find out that being a secretary isn't that bad!


How to download and play the game:

  1. Click on either downloads that match your device
  2. Download the zip folder provided. If a pop-up window asks 'would you like to download this file' despite not scanning for viruses, click 'download anyway'
  3. Once downloaded, find the file in your PC before right-clicking on the zip file
  4. Click on 'Extract here' to unzip the file


Once you have extracted and unzipped the files, you can find the application sitting and waiting for you patiently in the now unzipped file. The app icon is Augustus and the file type should say 'Application'.

Welcome to the Mafia